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Olordumare is the universe with all its elements. It is the material and spiritual manifestation of all that exists. He is so big that he is not offered anything or asked for anything directly. Everything is through Olofi. He implies a tacit intelligence of the things subject to laws.
Whenever we hear his name we think the indecipherable. He has no day of celebration, chosen children, pattaki sayings, ordun, color, ebbo or punishment to men. He is superior to all orisha, does not have ota and his name should not pronounce without first touching the ground with the fingertips, and kiss in it the imprint of the powder, as is done with Yewa. He is everywhere, all our acts, the wisdom of Olofi, the kindness of all the orishas and Echu because also the good and evil form a whole; Olordumare.
For the yorubas the world is a gourd where, the bottom half is the land and the top is heaven. This means that within the guiro is everything: Olordumare. That’s why saying that talks about the formation of the world says: «Obi tele, Ofo tele: make a good one and make a bad one. “ «In the immensity of Olordumare is the Ara‑Onu, the part of the sky where dwells Eggun and, therefore, when someone dies it is said that the dead which is in the Ara‑Onu ibae bayen Tõnu that embelese Olordumare (which rises towards the sky and arrive at the foot of Olordumare).»
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