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Olofi is the personification of the divine, the cause and reason of all things. He was born, by himself. He lives withdrawn and rarely lowers to the world. He has no direct dealings with anyone, but without his help nothing can be achieved. Although all the ebbo are transacted through a specific orisha, must make it clear that, ultimately, all come to Olofi are resolved thanks to his sovereign will. That is why it is said: «the ebbo came to Olofi. and it may be from an addimú to a rite eggun. Olofi made the world, to the Orishas, the animals and men. It was he who gave powers to the orishas that all things were created and why, is said to have the secrets of creation. Olofi made Orula to take the secrets of divination by the bo­ca and was so that they could reach the men can use and uses all the orishas as his messengers, but to predict death employs Osun. In the land of Ifa, Olofi is worshipped directly he is a material fact. Foundation and pigeaons and animals are sacrificed of four-legs. There is direct contact with him, but his ache and contact with men is reserved to very few of the consecrated in Ifa. There is also conceived him as father and there are stories that speak of his children. Quite often he is considered old and tired.
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